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Sunday, June 14th, 2009
12:09 am
Blind VI Now on Twitter & Facebook!
More ways to promote/support Blind VI and spread the word about the website!

Blind VI now has a twitter page! Please follow Blind VI! This is a great tool for those who have no time to read a long lengthy blog entry. Lots of people can read stuff on their mobile phones so this is something new that could be a positive for the website. Once you're following Blind VI's twitter page, spread the word by telling your entire followers list to follow Blind VI!

Facebook Fan Page
Everyone's doing it! Please place Blind VI as one of your fan pages! Click on Become a Fan and then click on the SHARE button and share Blind VI's fan page info to all your friends on facebook. And ask them to become a fan to Blind VI as well to support the website.

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
7:32 pm
GW Micro Announces the Braille Sense Plus
GW Micro continues to lead the way with new and innovative products for blind and visually impaired people.  In March 2005, GW Micro officially announced
it would be selling a new notetaker, the Braille Sense.  Since then, software updates have been free for the Braille Sense, and it continues thrive in
the notetaker market. 

This year, GW Micro is proud to announce the next generation of the Braille Sense:  the Braille Sense Plus.  The Braille Sense Plus continues in the tradition
of the original Braille Sense by keeping its user removable battery.  The Braille Sense Plus adds an SD slot to its already numerous features.  The LCD
has been improved for larger font size, making it easier for teachers of the visually impaired and other sighted people to see what is on the display. 
It boasts an impressive 8 GB of built-in memory (the largest in any notetaker) and 128 MB of RAM for quick response time.  The Braille Sense Plus keeps
the built-in Ethernet port, serial port, and VGA Port, along with one CF slot, two USB ports, and more.

The Braille Sense Plus even contains a key lock switch to lock either the top panel or all keys to make it easy to listen to music without the need to worry
about bumping any buttons.  The Braille Sense Plus also now includes built-in Wi-Fi (with 802.11 b/g support) and built-in Bluetooth. 

In addition to the many hardware upgrades, the new Braille Sense Plus now runs on Windows CE 5, allows the end-user to record directly to MP3 format, and
GW Sense Navigation can even be run on the Braille Sense Plus to utilize GPS.

The Braille Sense Plus retails for an introductory price of $5,995, and will begin shipping in May.  For questions or comments, email us at
or call us at (260) 489-3671.  Make sure to check out the Braille Sense Plus on the web at
Friday, December 28th, 2007
10:37 pm
Braille Lite Users Community
Hi All! I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a community Called Braille Lite users. The community is intended for all who use a Braille Lite. Regardless if it is Braille Lite 2000 Braille Lite 40 or M 20 or 40.
Sunday, May 27th, 2007
9:06 pm
Pacmate bx420 speech/braille PDA for sale with accessories
Hello all-
I've decided to sell my pacmate bx420 with accessories, please pass this on to anyone whom you think might be interested. I am asking $1500 but I can go
down to $1000 if someone wants me too. I'll accept paypal or money order and the unit is in excelent condition but for the notes below.
My contact info is
Jay Pellis
E-mail jalucard@adelphia.net
AOL messenger ftealucard
MSN jalucard@adelphia.net
Yahoo messenger ftealucard
and Skype ftealucard
Thanks and info is below.

Pacmate unit with 20 cell portable braille display and latest software revision 4.1

Original box

AC adapter

USB cable to connect pacmate to pc

Pacmate documentation cd and microsoft pocket pc companion cd

Case that originally comes with the unit which is a laptop style case

Quick start guide in print and braille

Sprite backup program registration code in print and braille

Included accessories

Executive products bx420 leather case and pouch to hold AC adapter, unit can be used while inside case, case includes compartment to hold memory cards or

Socket Communications Ethernet Card, model EA2912-325 Drivers available from

Ambicom Wireless b/g compact flash card, model wl54, drivers available from
this card supports WPA security as well as WEP security

Two compact flash cards, 512mb and sandisk 4gb

Some notes, please read carefully

Unit/braille display has been used for 1 year, was replaced in the summer of 2006, serial number is different from listing on sprite backup code sheet however
registration code still works

Units are not currently under software or hardware maintenance agreements

Cable that goes from the square power supply of the adapter to the wall is different then the original but it charges the unit fine

Unit is missing mini USB to standard USB adapter to connect things such as USB hard drives, $15 from freedom scientific, model number 700115-001 or also
available at most computer stores

Pin of dot 6 in cell 4 of the braille display is stuck in the down position, cleaning may fix but if not, hardware maintenance agreement would be required

Right most advance button still moves display as it should but does not give physical click feedback, maintenance agreement would be required
Monday, March 5th, 2007
6:02 pm
mPower Pricing
Hi All,
Do any of you happen to know approximately how much a BrailleNote mPower BT with an 18-cell braille display would cost, with no transplant? I just need an approximation...Thanks so much!
Friday, October 27th, 2006
1:35 pm
Need Advice
Is anyone here still?

I am going to get a notetaker soon nd I'm confused and torn! I am trying to choose between the Braille Sence and the PacMate BX440. I don't think either does everything I want so it's a toss up. I'd like opinions of users of one or both of these. And if yo use another notetaker and have opinions/advice, that's great too.

And here is what I'm wanting to do, so maybe someone can give me advice on which machine is best for what :
*Use the notetaker as braille display for computer
*use notetaker as the ONLY input source for computer - no computer keyboard
*read brf books
*syncronize my outlook contacts AND e-mail with my computer
*use instant messengers such as MSN and AIM when the notetaker IS attached to the cmputer AND when it's NOT attached to the computer (running it on it's own internet connect).

I'm not too concearned with audio featers, I'm also deaf.

Thanks in advance :-)

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
1:43 am
Keysoft 7.2 audio Preview
A 55 minute audio preview of KeySoft 7.2 is now available from the HumanWare web site. You can download it at

If you are attending the NFB and ACB Conventions in the US this year, this is also one of the items contained on a HumanWare CD which you can obtain from our booth.

Jonathan Mosen
BrailleNote Product Marketing Manager
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
2:29 am
Braille Sense Featured on 'On the Move'
For those of you who don't already know, GW Micro has begun a monthly radio program where they discuss their products and adaptive technology. The program airs on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:30 P.M. central time on the Chicagoland Radio Information service, and streaming on the Internet at thechicagolighthouse.org. The program which aired in May was dedicated to the notetaker that they market, the Braille sense. It featured a half-hour interview with one of their new employees, Chris Park, talking about the various features and advantages that the Braille sense has over other notetakers. If you're considering the Braille sense, or are in the market for a new notetaker, then you'll want to listen to this program. The program has been archived for your listening pleasure, so go grab it today!

Now returning you to your regular friends page.
Monday, March 27th, 2006
5:39 pm
Introducing the Icon
We here at notetakersnich are pleased to give you the exclusive skinny on notetakers before they even hit the market. That's just how on top of things we really are. Anyway, we're pleased to tell you about a new notetaker that will be hitting the market this summer. The Icon will revolutionize the notetaker industry for the blind when it comes to size and capacity. This little unit features a 20 gb internal hard drive with an additional 256 mb non-volatile flash storage. An SD slot allows you to expand the capacity by providing for portable storage on an SD card. The unit is still in prototype, but the final production units will be shipped with a blazingly fast Intel X-scale processor. Some of the features included on the device are:
  • Wordprocessor

  • Address book

  • Media player

  • Book library that can read bookshare content

The library has two unique, exciting features. Just like Kurzweil, you can search the Internet for books from the device without having to go on the web. Another cool feature called "periodicals" allows you to subscribe to newspapers on Bookshare and download each new issue each day with just the push of a button. Despite the fact that this device is not yet even in production, we have amassed a lot of information on it already for your review. You can listen to demonstrations of the device being given to:

Keep watching this space for more info on this new exciting and what suggests to be very competitive device for the notetaking market.
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
7:37 am
NFB community
Hi everyone one of my friends has created a community for people who are interested or are involved in the NFB or anyone else who wants to join, but I want to make something clear. We are maintainers and no bashing or flaming of the NFB or it's beliefs will be tolerated. The URL address is "http://www.livejournal.com/community/nfb_federation/" I hope everyone will join.
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:47 pm
anyone in Missouri?
If this is not allowed feel free to delete.
Hey is their anyone who lives in Missouri? If so I encourage you to check out the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) convention. If your a high school student or a college student at any level feel free to join our student division. The Missouri Association of Blind Students. (MABS) The convention is March 24-26 in Jefferson City. We will have our annual business meeting that Friday at 9:00 and our annual lunchon that Saturday at 12:00. If their is anyone from Missouri please feel free to add me to your friends list and post a comment to this entry telling me where you live, please. For more information about the convention go to: "http://www.nfbmo.org" and click on the link that says 2006 state convention. You need to do this soon because rooms are filling up.
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Friday, February 3rd, 2006
7:01 pm
community for blind teachers
If this is not allowed feel free to delete. Hey everyone I have just created a community for anyone who wants to be a teacher and is blind and is enrolled in a college program for teacher certification, who is considering enrolling in one or is currently a teacher. The purpose of this community is for blind teachers and students who are working towards certification to ask each other questions and learn teaching tips and strategies. The URL address is "http://community.livejournal.com/blindteachers/" I hope all of you will join.
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12:19 pm
blind teachers or anyone who wants to be a teacher who is blind?
if their are any of you who are going to be teachers or who are teachers and have advice for us students who are blind and want to teach? Also are their any groups for VI teachers and students who want to be VI teachers or any communities on livejournal?
thanks I was considering starting a community for just teachers and people who want to be teachers but I don't know I want others oppinions who share the same goal.
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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
11:16 pm
HumanWare Announces Launch of Key Maestro
HumanWare launches KeyMaestro, the Wireless Braille Keyboard for the Maestro PDA

Longueuil, January 19, 2006 -- HumanWare is pleased to announce the release of KeyMaestro, a portable Braille Bluetooth keyboard, offering enhanced notetaking capability to the Maestro PDA. Now users can input data quickly and conveniently in computer Braille or Grade 2 anytime, anywhere.

The HumanWare light and highly portable Braille keyboard uses Bluetooth technology, allowing users to communicate with the Maestro PDA without the hassle of cumbersome wires and adapters.

Maestro, the first mainstream pocket computer accessible to the blind and visually impaired, allows to manage appointments and contacts, take text notes with a standard or Braille keyboard, record voice memos, consult and edit documents, read books, manage your e-mails, listen to music, and more, all in the palm of the hand.

KeyMaestro is a full Perkins-type keyboard. The user can input data in Braille, quickly access favorite applications, enter commands with special function keys and enjoy the convenience of compact portability. KeyMaestro can be used alternatively with the tactile keyboard of PDA without quitting the active Maestro (or Trekker) application.

The KeyMaestro keyboard has an improved power management. The keyboard has a power on/off key, battery autonomy of 100 hours of continuous use and a power-saving auto-sleep mode. Visually impaired users can also know the battery status via audio feedback.

The Bluetooth Manager of the Maestro platform has been finely tuned to provide users with a robust, easy-to-connect interface. Once the keyboard has been enabled, Maestro will automatically communicate each time you want to use it, as soon as the Maestro and KeyMaestro have been turned on.

KeyMaestro comes with a carrying case and four AAA batteries and is available now from HumanWare and its distributors.

About HumanWare

HumanWare designs and manufactures innovative technology for people who are blind and visually impaired. Products like the SmartView video magnifier and more recently myReader-the world's first low vision auto-reader- are redefining the way people look at low vision while the Victor Reader family of Digital Talking Book players has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. The BrailleNote is the best-known solution in the notetaker market today, and is complemented by the Maestro handheld notetaker for the blind. HumanWare also produces the world's only commercialized GPS-based orientation solutions for the blind-Trekker and BrailleNote GPS.

For more information contact:

Nicolas Lagacé
HumanWare Canada
Phone: (450) 463-1717 ext. 341
E-mail: nicolas.lagace@humanware.com

Web: www.humanware.com

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
5:40 pm
the mPower comes to AccessWorld
AccessWorld has been very good about keeping up with the developments in the Braillenote product line, mostly thanks to their contributor deborah Kendrick. Once again, she doesn't let her readers down. The January 2006 edition contains an article about the BrailleNote mPower and its various features. You can see pictures of the device, view a chart rating its various features, and read her analysis of the mPower's new features. The article mostly focuses on how the mPower differs from its predecessors in the BrailleNote family line. Since KeySoft 7 has yet to even be released (except for certain people in this community who I know are playing with beta copies), there is no mention of it or the additional features that will be available on the BrailleNote devices after it is released. Still, the article does a good job providing an analysis of the current capabilities of the mPower. Go read it today.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
11:45 am
GW Micro Announces New Braille sense Software Upgrade
GW Micro Announces New Braille Sense Software Upgrade

GW Micro is pleased to announce the release of the latest software upgrade for the Braille Sense. This new software update allows users to take advantage of Bluetooth technology, use Daisy 3.0 books, play Winamp files, use enhanced web browser support, and more.

With the Bluetooth technology, users can connect to a computer (using a CF Bluetooth card or USB Bluetooth device) to transfer files, access an Internet connection through a PC, and use the Braille Sense as a wireless refreshable Braille display. When connected to a computer as a wireless Braille display with Window-Eyes, the Braille Sense can also be used to control the computer.

This new software upgrade also boasts enhanced support for the Braille Sense as a refreshable Braille display through a USB connection; ActiveSync is no longer required to use the Braille Sense as a refreshable Braille display through USB.

Users will also enjoy the newly supported audio file formats of wax, pls, and mpa, allowing them to play Winamp files on the Braille Sense, and stream the wax media files directly from the Internet.

The Daisy 3.0 format allows textbooks to be presented in both audio and Braille. With the latest Braille Sense software upgrade, textbooks conforming to the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard will be accessible to Braille Sense users.

The new Braille Sense software upgrade also enhances the Braille Sense web browser, allowing users to view all links on a page in a concise list, a feature Window-Eyes users have come to know and love.

Braille Sense software upgrades are accessible easily through online access using the Upgrade Braille Sense OS option in the Braille Sense Utility menu.

For more information, please contact our Technical Support department at 260-489-3671, or via email at support@gwmicro.com.

Jeremy Curry
GW Micro, Inc.
"The voice of vision."
Phone: (260) 489-3671
Fax: (260) 489-2608
Email: jeremy@gwmicro.com
Website: www.gwmicro.com

Monday, December 19th, 2005
8:01 pm
Urgentl.y looking for blind volunters to participate in a research on the blind and architecture
Hello every one,

I am a postgraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art, doing a research on the blind and the way they perceive the built environment, in addition, I am participating in a design competition for The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Centre in New York, which is a performance art centre for the people
with multiple disability.

I am looking urgently for blind volunteers who are interested participate in an activity that relates to the way blind people perceive and represent spaces, mainly public pedestrian spaces
in the cities’ shopping areas.

This project is an opportunity for the blind people to
level their voices on issues related to the urban
condition, to inclusive design and diversity of users,
and help expanding the knowledge on the richness of
human capacities.

The volunteers are required to describe one, or more
spaces. These spaces should be ,as mentioned before, part of the shopping areas or related to them. They can be in door or outdoor spaces, or in between. They can be transitional spaces, connecting spaces , such as the streets, elevators, escalators, ramps, or the glass facades, a restaurant, benches, a bus stop, or any
space the volunteer consider worth describing or a
personal landmark.

The choice of the place, its size, use and location,
and its level of familiarity is up to the users.

What we need for the research is the description of
these places by the blind participants and their
impact on them.

We need to explore what senses are most bias or active
in the blind persons perception of a specific space,
and how a blind person imagine the physical features
of a space or attempt to anticipate

So, do some spaces, and not objects, provoke more the
sense of touch than the auditory, or can some spaces
reveal their features to the users through standing
still rather than through successive movements in

The volunteers can choose spaces familiar to them, or
spaces they encountered with once, yet it is very
necessary that they specify the location of these
spaces, the time they conducted their perception and
its duration.

The description is preferably via text, however the
volunteers are free to add other media in their
documentation, such as:

1. Photography ( video recording or still
2. Audio recording
4. Drawing
5. Sculpture, or any other medium they consider

The length of the document is up to the volunteers as well.

Due to my research submission deadline, which is on the 24th
of January 2006, I would appreciate to receive the
contribution prior to this date.

The work will be used as a reference for the
academic research I am undertaking which will respect,
and acknowledge the participants authorization
in using their work as case studies.

Regarding the work of the participants, it
would be very appreciated if the documentaries be sent
electronically ,on my email address below or via regular
mail. I can also propose to arrange collecting these
documentaries from the volunteers if necessary.

I am currently living in Guildford, UK and can be
contacted on the following address:

10 Old Farm Road
GU 1 1QN

Tel: 00447910838223

My personal e-mail address is: nina_rahal@yahoo.co.uk

I am glad to clarify further any point with the

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you all in advance.


1:36 am
Introducing the Maestro
The Maestro from HumanWare was the first notetaker to use mainstream PDA technology to provide the blind with an information management solution. It runs specially-developed software on a commercial PDA, and provides Braille input to the device using a rubber overlay which places buttons on the smooth touch screen. The special software provides access to word processing, contact management and E-mail features. Additionally, it offers features not available on a mainstream PDA, like a talking GPS solution and a Daisy book player. You can now listen to a demonstration of the Maestro to get a better feel for its features and how they work. If you're looking for an economic device which will provide word processing, address book and E-mail capabilities, allow you to exchange files and sync your contacts and messages with your PC, an affordable GPS solution, and a PDA that can play Daisy books, then the Maestro might be the right choice for you. HumanWare's large investment into research and development, commitment to supporting its customers, and reputation for excellence in designing products that meet the needs of the blind community signify that the Maestro will continue to develop into an even more useful product that will be around for a long time to come.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
7:00 pm
seeking adult blind participants for nyc study

I am a graduate student who is part of a team begining to study how hearing, deaf, blind, and seeing brains respond to different combinations of sensory stimuli. If you live in the nyc area and have congential blindess please read our call for participants below. Please email with interest or any questions to brainbuddy@gmail.com Thanks, Meredith

Nathan Kline Institute- Rockland County, NY

Our Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory is looking for people who have been blind or deaf since early childhood to participate in a research study. The study will record non-invasive measurements of brain activity while participants perform a multisensory task.
This is the first study to compare how the brain’s response to touch varies between blind, deaf, and sighted and hearing participants. We will also assess how the brain combines information from the sense of touch with visual and/or auditory information. We believe that early blind and deaf individuals may have developed special abilities to process and respond to these kinds of multisensory combinations. Understanding the way senses are combined in the visually- and hearing-impaired will help to develop more effective rehabilitative therapies and adaptive environments to facilitate daily living.

To complete the multisensory task, small vibration stimulators and LED lights will be placed on the forefinger and thumb of the participants’ hands. Two speakers will also be aligned next to their hands. Participants will be asked to respond to each stimulus by depressing a foot pedal with their right foot. The vibration will feel like vibrations from an everyday pager or cell phone.

Participants will wear a cap, similar to a swim cap, for the duration of the experiment. The cap has holes in it where electrodes are attached. These electrodes will monitor and measure the activity of the brain (also called EEG). EEG is very much like EKG used for heart monitoring; just as a tape recorder records the voice, an EEG records the brain’s activity. This is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure. Gel will be put into the electrodes to make sure there is good contact with the scalp. Participants’ hair will be washed at the end of the recording session. Putting on the cap and going over informed consent will take about 45 minutes.

Participants will be reimbursed $10/hour for their time. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Participants will take regular breaks from the experiment throughout the day. We estimate that this study will take between 6 and 7 hours. Transportation will be provided if necessary.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact us:

Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
Nathan Kline Institute
140 Old Orangeburg Rd.
Orangeburg, NY 10962
Phone: 845-398-6538
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
4:16 pm
KeySoft 7.0 Is Coming!!!
Hi All!
For those of you who aren't members of
, check this out! KeySoft 7.0 is coming, to all models of the BN, and it's packed full of good stuff. I am sooo excited, and I know you all will be too!

HumanWare will be releasing KeySoft 7 in mid-January 2006, and it's our
biggest and best release ever!
Whether you have a BrailleNote or VoiceNote mPower, a BrailleNote PK, or a
BrailleNote or VoiceNote Classic, there's a version of KeySoft 7 that will
be available for you. KeySoft 7 takes one count from your Software
Maintenance Agreement (SMA). An SMA allows you to receive two major versions
of KeySoft for the price of one. Remember, SMAs only can be used for a
version of KeySoft if they are purchased prior to the release of the
software concerned. So if you are not yet an SMA holder, ensure you get the
best deal on KeySoft 7 plus the next major release of KeySoft by purchasing
your SMA now. What a great holiday present for you or that special
BrailleNote user in your life.
Note that the cost of KeySoft 7 on its own is exactly the same as the cost
of an SMA, so an SMA represents by far the best value for money.
Contact HumanWare or your local dealer for KeySoft 7 pricing.
Please note that KeySoft 7 will not run on the original BrailleNote,
discontinued in 2002, that does not have a compact flash slot in the back of
the unit. The latest version of KeySoft that runs on these units is 4.02. By
BrailleNote Classic, we refer to the BrailleNotes and VoiceNotes prior to
BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower that have a compact flash slot in the back
of the units. Original BrailleNote owners should contact Humanware about
transplanting to BrailleNote mPower.
What's in KeySoft 7?
We promised that KeySoft 7 would be our best release ever, and as you look
at this extensive feature list, you can see we've packed in a wide range of
features that will change the way you work, learn and play.
Key Base, Available on All Models
With KeyBase, you've got it sorted! This new application, available from
KeySoft's Main Menu, is a powerful database manager allowing easy creation
of your own databases. KeyBase ships with many useful databases to assist
you in cataloging your music collection, keeping track of home inventory,
entering recipes, logging ham radio contacts and so much more. But the step
by step wizard-style interface of KeyBase makes it a snap to create your own
databases too. Simply tell KeyBase the names of your fields and the type of
data you want to store in that field. Be specific right down to the kind of
Braille you want to be entered into a field if you wish. Want to share your
database with others? Then you can even customize the messages users read
when they press the help key when entering data into each field.
KeyBase allows easy importing and exporting to and from many applications
including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and many on-line banking
KeyPlus Just Got Smarter with Fractions, Available on All Models
Work with fractions in the updated KeyPlus Scientific Calculator. As well as
performing standard mathematical operations, you can convert fractions to
decimals and vice versa, convert fractions to and from percentages, convert
a fraction to its lowest terms, and much more.
Let the Games Begin, available on all models
One of the most frequent questions asked of HumanWare about the BrailleNote
family has always been, "can you play games on this?" Now, the answer is a
resounding yes, as interactive fiction comes to KeySoft. Interactive
fiction, also known as text adventures, will take you into mysterious worlds
where you can look at your environment, move around, collect objects, talk
to all kinds of strange creatures and sometimes find yourself trapped. There
are hundreds of compatible interactive fiction games available for download
on the Internet, ranging from educational titles for kids right through to
epic fantasy for the serious gamer, and you can play them right on your
BrailleNote or VoiceNote.
Easily switch in and out of games when you need to check e-mail or make a
note, play music in the background while you solve the latest mystery, or
save games for later resumption.
Braille Input for JAWS for Windows, available on all models
Window-eyes users have for some time been able to control their Windows PC
from their BrailleNote in Braille terminal mode. Now, that feature is
available for JAWS for Windows users as well. Compose e-mail, write a
Microsoft Word document or work with your spreadsheets on your PC, all from
your BrailleNote's keyboard.
More Configurable E-mail, available on all models
Some Internet service providers are now using non-standard POP and SMTP
server ports as an attempt to increase security. While most users will not
need to be concerned with this, those customers on Internet providers
adopting this approach can now specify any port for both POP and SMTP
More Bluetooth Support, available on BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower, and
BrailleNote PK
The integrated Bluetooth support in BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower and
BrailleNote PK just got even more useful! In KeySoft 7 you can,
* Use your device as a remote synthesizer for your PC with no wires
attached. Take your BrailleNote or VoiceNote mPower or BrailleNote PK up to
10 meters (30 feet) away from your PC and still hear what your screen reader
is saying.
* Use your device as a wireless Braille display. With BrailleNote
mPower and PK operating as a wireless Braille display, coupled with the
keyboard input functionality, you have complete control over your PC as far
as 10 meters (30 feet) away from your PC. Take the BrailleNote outside on a
sunny day and keep on working on your PC using the keyboard input
functionality. Control a PowerPoint presentation in front of your audience,
even when the PC is tucked away in an inconvenient place. The possibilities
are limitless!
* Drive a wireless visual display. Want to give a presentation using
data on your BrailleNote? Are you a teacher who wants to be able to check a
student's work with no wires or fuss? The extension of the visual display
function to include Bluetooth makes all this possible. Use a range of
devices for the visual display function including Palm Pilots and Windows
Voice Recorder for BrailleNote PK
The popular voice recorder for BrailleNote mPower arrives on BrailleNote PK
in KeySoft 7. Just press the handy record button on the front of your
BrailleNote PK, and make recordings using the built-in microphone.
Eloquence Speech for BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower
HumanWare's BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower becomes the first device of its
kind to offer you a choice of speech synthesizer. Use the highly responsive
and accurate KeyNote Gold speech that has been one of KeySoft's strongest
features, or switch to the familiar Eloquence speech that is now widely
available on access technology products. When Eloquence is active, you may
also choose to have hyperlinks voiced in a different Eloquence voice when
using KeyWeb, making the web really come to life.
Fm Radio for BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower
That's right, your BrailleNote or VoiceNote mPower is now an FM radio too!
Scan the FM band for your stations and save them as presets. Read the
frequency on the Braille display or the station name if you've saved that
information. Listen to the FM radio while you work on other tasks. Control
the volume of the FM radio separately from the volume of the speech. Even
use the recorder to record FM radio stations.
Don't Miss KeySoft 7
We told you KeySoft 7 would be our most exciting release ever, and as you
can see, we weren't kidding. Make sure you have a current Software
maintenance Agreement so you can download your copy of KeySoft 7 in
mid-January. KeySoft 7 from HumanWare will change the way you work, learn
and play.

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